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05 November 2009


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Joshua T.

It really depends where you are in the U.S. I live in the southeast and I've never seen a Chelsea fan. While when I go visit up north and wear my jersey I get glared at by United, Arsenal and Liverpool fans, while at the same time having people pass by on the street, beep their horns and yell "CHELSEA!!!" So the main difference, I suppose would be that in some places there is no support for any club and if your jersey says "Football club," they just ask you if that team is or was in the NFL.

Another difference would be the atmosphere when we do see Chelsea. I was at the game in Dallas and it seemed like everyone there was more of a spectator than a fan (Same as at American football). I started Carefree several times and only about 30 people max caught on before it died. Then you go up to Seattle and those fans make just as much noise as any English club can. So being a Chelsea fan in the U.S. is highly dependent on where you are.


Part of the NY blues who have twice in the last year caught a match with Mr. Abramovich (ironically both were the away fixtures at Bolton). I take a 45 minute train ride to NYC then the subway another 10 minutes to the infamous Nevada Smith's.


Joshua, where are you in the Southeast? If you go down The 'Brewhouse' in Atlanta on matchdays there will usually be a fairly large group of Blues.


If you know where to go there's a decent EPL following in Boston. Most Saturdays bars will also serve breakfast or let you bring your own to watch at the pub. And CL play as well as international is a different story; some places are packed. For the recent Italy/Ireland WC qualifier they were charging $20 p/p to get in and it was PACKED.

side story,
I was running with my Essien jersey on once recently downtown and got a "You've got no history" chant from a Liverpool fan. We still get the stinging remarks here too : )


One of my bosses at a job I worked at was a hard-core Chelsea fan. If we were working late on CL match days we'd watch them on our computer, much to our coworkers dismay.

My match day usually consists of me going for a run before the match and making a nice hearty breakfast. A beer in the morning if you watch at home is a lot of fun too.


Blues brother here in Nashville, TN. Decent following for footie here. Girlfriends bosses are Tottenham fans, so needless to say after I was introduced and tried out my humor, she won't be getting a raise or a promotion soon. Liverfools and Mancs running amok down here too. CL final 2008 - watched at only bar in town that shows all games - and watched in a sea of red. 250 to about 20 we were outnumbered. Couldn't use the pisser, got in a number of shoving matches, but ultimately was bought a beer after the devastation.

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