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03 September 2009


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This is a Good Punishment!!!!
it is time that teams like Chelsea and the one i support Arsenal stop stealing young talents from the lesser financial secure teams around Europe and the world.
Football in the 80s and early 90s when i was a kid use to be much more fun.
It was great seeing some young talent play for a lesser eastern european team and be able to shock the big boys once in a while.
Nowadays that is no longer the case.
This need to be stop and the same way UEFA is making a example of Dudu for diving which i believe they should as long as they uphold the same law for everyone this is a good decision that every other team from now on should get the same punishment even my belove Arsenal if they are found guilty of this.
No reason for Chelsea to steal this kid and put them in their reserve team when he could be playing for Lens. Chelsea, Arsenal, MAn U, Real, and all the other big club need to stop this non sense.


Don't worry about it, Chelsea will appeal and it will be revoked, nothing will happen. Just like it didn't happen the other times you did it.

It's not unprecidented either Roma got the same ban for doing the same thing and they got it reduced, it's just brinkmanship on the part of FIFA they want to seem to have some semblence of control like UEFA did when they banned Eduardo for his first ever dive when they do nothing to serial divers on other teams, or Messi's headbutt.

FIFA are impotent and useless, the fact is they gave a severe penalty to you so that when you appeal it, it can only be reduced because they know an appeal will be successful and if they gave chelsea a minor ban then it would completely overturned.


GunnerUSA, I agree with your point that poaching of big clubs of smaller club's talent is worse than ever and needs to be stopped, but this punishment is completely out of line.

As was mentioned, this happens ALL THE TIME. A club like Real Madrid is far worse at even masking this kind of nonsense. Since there's been no precedent set for this kind of punishment in the past, it seems entirely too harsh.

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