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01 September 2009


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Michael Hepp

I agree with most of your comments. If Terry left I don't think I would be heart broken, but it is nice to have him there. An Alex/Carvalho partnership does not sound as strong as a Terry/Carvalho version. So in that sense we are a better team.

I feel in the end that we came out ahead this transfer season. We didn't lose any big names to Real or City and all of our big 4 partners did. By default that makes us stronger. We should compete well in all competitions.

By the way.... I like your TM next to "The Best Player in the World" comment. Nice touch.


I'm very glad this very precarious issue has been taken up by two blog sites I read regularly. I must admit that ever since JT's infamous silent 23 days I have found that he's a real hypocrite. Denying that Man C never even entered his mind and than signing a new record-breaking contract despite have time left on his existing contract. That to me just makes JT another money grabbing footballer with no true heart for his club.
I have been a CFC supporter for over 20 years and have always liked JT, but ( and I know this might get me lynched in the blogging society) I have always thought JT is seriously over-rated. Don't get me wrong, JT is a great defender and a plus to any team, but he is not irreplaceable.
Now that he apparently is here for the rest of his career, lets get the best out of him and do what us supporters do the best, namely be behind OUR TEAM.


In this day and age team loyalty is an entirely romantic notion that we fans want to believe. But the fact of the matter is 99.9% of the players out there will always chase the $$$, no matter how loyal they profess to be. Sad but true. And often times they end up way more unhappy at their new "work office" even though they may make a bit more.

Good post. I'm glad they kept him and hope this can be put in the past now. Totally agree, Chelsea have become the team to beat mostly because everybody else lost key components rather than them adding much more.

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