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16 September 2009


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I agree with your comments about the Belletti substitution. Sitting back is just inviting the other team to score.

Hate to bring it up but CL semis last year were the perfect example. They had TEN MEN and were still dominated possession during the end of the match.

Chelsea hardly ever get burned on a fast counter attack. Rather than try and protect the one goal lead by sitting back, try and score a 2nd to put the contest completely out of reach.

Russell Saunders

Pete - thanks very much for your comment.

It's painful to think about but I think there's some truth in your comparison with the CL semi (did Guus get one thing wrong!?!?).

I'm a big believer in POSITIVE substitutions in the majoirty of sitautions - sending a message to the players to let them know they're in the game and to play positively. Sending Beletti on just said 'we going to be under the cosh, let's sit back'. Sometimes its the right move, I guess...

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