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28 August 2009


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It's clear that the foreigners at UEFA are bashing the English game...we have the most succesful league and we have the biggest investors and they don't like it!!

UEFA needs an overhaul...get rid of the lazy self indulgent likes of Platini and his mob and replace them with proper footballing geezers...my vote goes to Ron Harris for top gun...now let's get some real people running the gaff!!! Carefree Ha ha


Having 2 linesmen is pointless. What if one flags and the other doesn't? Whose view holds sway and why? It will breed confusion, not certainty. It will fail.

Retrospective punishments are also pointless. If the late decision is accurate it has no way of affecting the game at the time and only fuels discontent and injustice. If a better decision can be made it must be enacted at the time, else why cry over spilt milk?

The concept of a video ref who can affect the game at the time is the only solution. People obsess over the word 'video' when they should concentrate on the word 'ref'. Instead of 2 extra linesmen, there is just one extra ref who can advise the on-pitch ref or the on-pitch ref can call upon. In both cases the on-pitch ref is the final arbiter of relevance, thereby keeping him in control and avoiding the issue of undermining him, which any post-match reversal will do.

The solution is so obvious only Fifa\Uefa\FA could fail to see it.

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