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02 June 2009


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Our greatest ever manager, Jose, made sure that we dominated the league first and foremost and gave Europe a good crack as well. I totally agree that we shouldn't be placing so much emphasis on a cup competition in which our chances are ruined every year by extreme bad luck or shocking refereeing; the league does not lie and it is the primary competition to excell in.

Imagine if we draw barca in the quarters and then we're out again. We drift home in 3rd or fourth in the league and then what? How is that progress? Personally I'm worried about Carlo's prorities and i'd take the league over the CL any year.


I'd take the league too. I'm a season ticket holder, and this is the bread and butter we pay to watch week in, week out. The CL's a bonus. Totally agree with TrueblueNeil that we can't prioritise something that relies on luck. Have to aim to win the Premiership, and put our best foot forward in Europe and see how our luck goes. How do you plan for Norwegian referees???


Another interesting article in the Guardian on prioritising the CL over the League. Very interesting. Also an absolutely classic line: "England has never had a team that deliberately selected the Champions League at the expense of all domestic competition – we'll assume Liverpool were doing it by accident a few years ago."


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