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03 December 2009


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good analysis but i think it is hard to compare the team that played Arsenal and the team that played yesterday.

Tom R

Consistently great sides are few and far between. Really only the Champions League winners are considered "great" at the end of the day. When United won the League / Champions League in 07/08, they drew Reading (who was relegated) in the league and lost to Coventry in the Carling Cup. When Barca won the treble last season, they lost to Numancia and drew Real Betis (both of whom were relegated) and drew Getafe (who only stayed up on goal difference).

That's not to say that this Chelsea team is exceptional, but I think they are a very good team who should win the league and very well could win the Champions League. Last night was a good chance to get some of our fringe players some playing time with the busy Dec / Jan season coming up and two very important players (plus Kalou and Mikel) leaving for a month.

Really, the only thing to take from this is that Chelsea will be in some real trouble if they lose Cech, Ashley Cole, Terry, Carvalho, Alex, Bosingwa, Essien, Lampard, Anelka, and Drogba for an extended period of time.

Michael Hepp

A loss in the Carling Cup, a shoot-out loss no less, is not worth getting concerned over. Last year around this time Man U trounced us 4-0, that was a time for concern. The league is weaker, but I find the strength of the leagues sort of runs in patterns. The last couple of years the PL has been the strongest, before that the Italians ruled the CL, remember Milan v Juventus, and before the Spanish were strong. Now it seems the Spanish are going to be the class of the CL (time will tell on that though). That seems to go in waves.

I think Ancelotti has one goal, win the Champions League. Roman has the Carling Cup, the FA Cup, and the Premier League title, I am sure he wants that Champions League title. Those other fringe competitions only serve to distract us from the main task at hand. I for one will gladly trade both the Carling Cup and the FA Cup for the Champions League title.

I also think that after such a huge derby win, a small let down can happen. I hope that it serves to remind them that they can't let up or someone will pass them.


The reality check is good, I feel we have done exceptionally against other big 4 competition, but that has given people the undue notion we are walking away with the league. Last season after 14 matches, we were tops ahead of ManU by 5 points after ManU played their game in hand. This season, we are 5 points up on ManU. Can't get ahead of ourselves. I don't expect us to win every match, especially when we field the B team in lesser competitions, but I just hope the results don't bleed over into more important competitions.

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