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25 January 2010


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Lets just see at the end of the season. Nobody thought Chelsea would lose to Wigan.

I personally dont see Man U comming second unless they sign someone. Arsenal will be competeing them for 2nd.

Which means you got one thing right John Terry will lift the league again.

matt busby

i think this a bit of wishfull thinking you rentboys will witness the truth come may the mighty manchester united are on their way to a fourth title in a row


think the bbc predictor thing is brilliant... took me ages but just done it

had chelsea on 89, and both utd and arsneal on 87 each. not sure about that though, can't see us getting 89, but its difficult to predict as this season has been so different. reckon arsenal might struggle over the next few games, but if they pick up points over them then they will probably challenge

utd are always there. just one of those sad things you can rely on

A gooner

I love reading stuff like this.


A gooner - I suspect a little sarcasm?! How are Arsenal fans feeling about their title prospects then? Gooners in my office feeling as confident as they have in years, but were a little underwhelmed with the showing in the FA Cup this weekend.


I hate to say it but all season I've expected to see you boys win the legue and I still think that now. I always thought we (The Arsenal) would be far stronger than people expected and push you far but just not quite be able to push ourselves over the line this season. United are so horribly reliant on Rooney that he has to stay fit and in form for them to have a chance, but you never know because they have a habit of forcing results. Just can't see them winning it though.

Chelsea or Arsenal. Obviously I hope we beat you (largely because I've always wanted us to win the title before you since Cashley left us "to win trophies"), but if I had to put my life savings on it I'd sadly put them your way.


It's either Chelsea or United for me,I can't see our London neighbors winning it,they just don't have what it takes.The forth spot is a hard call but the Scousers won't even be close.I expect us dropping points against both Manchester teams,Birminham and some other midtable team.


With Man U and the Arse out of the FA Cup its one less distraction for them so in theory their players could be fresher in the final run in. However, we have strength in depth and quality across every position - with the exception of GK, so we should be able still have legs come April/May.

We need to make sure that we dominate the teams outside the top 4 and improve on our finishing as we seem to be wasting too many chances. We've beaten all our rivals this season and there's no reason to suggest we cant beat them all again.

We're without doubt the best team out there on paper so, barring injuries or a dodgy refereeing call I expect to see Chelsea lift the Premiership trophy in May.


my prediction......

CHELSEA - 95pts
MAN UTD - 82

i'm too optimistic??

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